Split Elk Antler Dog Chews

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This listing is for a split elk antler half. We take a whole antler and split it in half to expose the tasty marrow. You are going to receive only 1 half (1 piece/side) if you select 1 as your quantity. Small will be 4″-6″ long, medium will be 5″-9″ in length, large will be 6″-9″ long, jumbo will be 7″-11″ long, magnum will be 7″-13″ long, and XL magnum will be 10″-14″ long. The XL magnum is a new size that may be nearly double the size in weight as our original magnum. Please make a choice from customizations to order sizes. All sizes are approximate. Pictures are to show variations. We consider that every dog must unleash their wild instincts and enjoy a piece of 100% naturally shed deer or elk antler. Many wild animals chew on antlers as a source of nutrients. Every year deer and elk shed their antlers so that they may be able to regrow new ones for the next year. They shed them, we pick them up, you give them to your best friend. We also take the time to smooth down the entire edges for protected chewing. One of the vital benefits to giving your dog this natural treat are: 100% natural- no additives, no coloring, no GMO, no chemicals No colors to stain your carpet Long lasting, which is a plus for those dogs that love to chew Healthy- rich source of essential minerals and nutrients No animals were harmed to get this great treat. These antlers were shed by 100% free-ranging wild animals from Nevada and Idaho.

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