Natural Elk Antler Dog Chew (Small) Price: $6.95 (as of 20/06/2021 02:36 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.



BestBonz premium dog chews are natures perfect treat for any dog. Our Antler chews are 100% organic and of course renewable as the elk naturally shed them each and every year to grow more as a part of their life cycle. Antlers are an ideal choice for nutrients needed such as calcium, phosphorus, Fiber, Fat, Protein, and Fat. Is your dog’s chewing habits a problem? BestBonz are the very best choice to keep your dogs from chewing on your favorite shoes, furniture, and the whole lot else around that house that can frustrate you and get mans best friend into trouble. Dogs want to chew, it helps to keep them healthy and happy. Chewing can give them a sense of accomplishment as they slowly wear down the antler, in addition to be good for them, and leave no odor or mess so that you can clean up after them. We recommend properly sizing the chew to your dog, as doing so will allow your dog to manipulate the chew as they would like and need.

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